About GrowthinFin

Hi, I am Himanshu, the Founder of GrowthinFin. I created Growthinfin.com to impart my financial knowledge to those seeking financial freedom.

My inspiration to write about money comes from my parents. When my parents were about 20, they were given some bad financial advice from a bank, which left them deep in debt. For 15 years he worked hard to pay off that loan by earning more and spending less. I’ve spent my entire life admiring my parents’ money-saving mentality and determination.

GrowthinFin is an independent financial comparison website dedicated to providing quick, simple, and clear comparisons for a wide range of financial products. Launched with the goal of aiding users in making informed decisions, GrowthinFin offers accurate, up-to-date comparisons and a range of straightforward, concise guides. The website is committed to being 100% independent, allowing it to focus on building comparison tables that help users choose the right financial products. The website is not involved in the provision of the products featured and does not provide financial advice. GrowthinFin works with teams to provide users with a comprehensive range of financial comparisons, guides, and articles, all aimed at helping individuals manage their money and make informed financial decisions.

Our Mission

Growthinfin means GROWTH in FINANCE, which works for every young, middle-aged, or old person in their life. Like we grow up in an environment where everyone says that to move ahead in life we should go to school, then college and university, and then get a good job. In every phase of life, we move forward in the same way in finance which is most important in today’s life, here we ignore development. Even schools fail to teach us the real thing about our finances.

Our mission is “Everyone should have the same finance literacy level, develop a money mindset, understand the importance of money in their life, and use good habits in savings and personal finance “. GrowthinFin’s mission is to provide clarity for all of life’s financial decisions. We strive to inform and empower consumers with financial guidance they can trust, and provide tools that help them make the best decisions for their financial needs. Our service is free to users, and we are committed to being 100% independent, ensuring that our focus remains on building comparison tables that help users choose the right financial product. We’re dedicated to helping our users make informed decisions about which products are best suited for their circumstances by providing accurate, up-to-date comparisons and straightforward, concise guides. GrowthinFin is committed to transparency and integrity in all aspects of our operations, and we invite users to contact us with any additional information they may need.